71. I/O interrupt-driven is more efficient than
a. I/O Modules
b. I/O Devices
c. Programmed I/O
d. CPU
Answer: (c).Programmed I/O

72. Segment pointers divided memory into
a. Register
b. Process
c. Segments
d. Scaling
Answer: (c).Segments

73. The set of all logical addresses generated by a program is referred to as a
a. Memory Addresses
b. Physical Addresses
c. Logical address Space
d. Buffer Addresses
Answer: (c).Logical address Space

74. The replacement algorithm chooses the constraints of
a. Blocks
b. Cache Size
c. Mapping Function
d. Block Size
Answer: (c).Mapping Function

75. Data moved between computer components through
a. I/O Processor
b. I/O Modules
c. I/O Devices
d. I/O Buffers
Answer: (b).I/O Modules

76. Condition codes are bits typically set by the
a. Processor execution
b. processor operation
c. Processor hardware
d. Processor software
Answer: (c).Processor hardware

77. Instruction register contains the instructions most
a. recently deleted
b. Recently fetched
c. Recently updated
d. Recently executed
Answer: (b).Recently fetched

78. The unit of data exchange between cache and main memory is known as
a. Cache Memory
b. Cache Size
c. Block Size
d. Mapping Function
Answer: (c).Block Size

79. User-visible registers enable the machine or programmer to
a. Minimize Compiler
b. Minimize Register
c. Minimize Control
d. Minimize Main Memory usage
Answer: (d).Minimize Main Memory usage

80. Address registers contain main memory addresses of
a. Scheduling
b. Registers
c. Protocols
d. Data and instruction
Answer: (d).Data and instruction