81. I/O instruction Control is used to activate an
a. Interrupt driven I/O
b. Internal device
c. External device
d. I/O devices
Answer: (c).External device

82. I/O modules performs the requested action on
a. Programmed I/O
b. Direct Memory Access (DMA)
c. Interrupt driven I/O
d. I/O devices
Answer: (a).Programmed I/O

83. Control and Status registers used by the processor to control
a. Design of the Processor
b. Operation of the Processor
c. Speed of the Processor
d. Execution of the Processor
Answer: (b).Operation of the Processor

84. I/O instruction Transfer used to read the
a. Data
b. Information
c. Instructions
d. Description
Answer: (a).Data

85. Stack pointer is a register that points to the
a. Pop the stack
b. Push the stack
c. Top of the stack
d. Bottom of the stack
Answer: (c).Top of the stack

86. Cache size issue can have significant impact on
a. input
b. output
c. Information
d. Performance
Answer: (d).Performance

87. Direct memory access is more efficient to move
a. Less Data
b. Large Data
c. Largest Data
d. Low Data
Answer: (b).Large Data

88. In data processing, processor perform some
a. Arithmetic or logic operation on information
b. Arithmetic or logic operation on instruction
c. Arithmetic or logic operation on programs
d. Arithmetic or logic operation on data
Answer: (d).Arithmetic or logic operation on data

89. I/O instruction Status tests various
a. Control Conditions
b. Status conditions
c. I/O device
d. Memory
Answer: (b).Status conditions

90. The processor fetches an instruction from
a. Keyboard
b. Monitor
c. CPU
d. Memory
Answer: (d).Memory