161. Two main types of branch instructions are
a. conditional branch
b. unconditional branch
c. logical branch
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b

162. Instructions that are programmed to make decisions are termed as
a. branch instructions
b. programmed instructions
c. logical instructions
d. arithmetic instructions
Answer: (a).branch instructions

163. Branch instruction 'JUMP TO SUBORDINATE' is an example of
a. unconditional branch
b. arithmetic branch
c. transferring branch
d. conditional branch
Answer: (a).unconditional branch

164. Branch instruction 'JUMP IF ZERO' is an example of
a. transferring branch
b. conditional branch
c. unconditional branch
d. arithmetic branch
Answer: (b).conditional branch

165. Branch instruction is also known as
a. jump instruction
b. logical instruction
c. arithmetic instruction
d. programmed instructions
Answer: (a).jump instruction

166. Which of the following are examples of input devices?
a. Visual display unit, dot matrix printer, laser printer
b. Keyboard, mouse, and optical mark reader
c. Arithmetic and logic unit, the control unit
Answer: (b).Keyboard, mouse, and optical mark reader

167. The read/write file
a. Belongs to the data bus
b. Belongs to the control bus
c. Belongs to the address bus
d. CPU bus
Answer: (b).Belongs to the control bus

168. …………… is a piece of hardware that executes a set of machine–language instructions.
a. Controller
b. Bus
c. Processor
d. Motherboard
Answer: (c).Processor

169. Which of the following affects processing power?
a. Data bus capacity
b. Addressing scheme
c. Clock speed
d. All of the above
Answer: (d).All of the above

170. The computer performs all mathematical and logical operations inside it′s
a. Memory unit
b. Central processing unit
c. Output unit
d. Visual display unit
Answer: (b).Central processing unit