61. In line '400 IF NAME$="***" THEN Average= Total Mark/N' of BASIC program, AVERAGE is considered as
a. real numbers
b. rational variables
c. negative integers
d. irrational numbers
Answer: (a).real numbers

62. In line '500 IF NAME$="***" THEN Average= Total Mark/N' of BASIC program, Total Mark and N are considered as
a. set of integers
b. negative odd numbers
c. positive even numbers
d. positive odd numbers
Answer: (a).set of integers

63. Rate at which cost of algorithm grows as size of its input grows is called its
a. Input growth
b. Outcome growth
c. Growth rate
d. Processing rate
Answer: (c).Growth rate

64. Critical resource for a program is most often its
a. Running time
b. Compile time
c. Storage
d. Testing time
Answer: (a).Running time

65. A growth rate of n, is referred to as
a. Absolute growth rate
b. Linear growth rate
c. Exponential growth rate
d. Quadratic growth rate
Answer: (b).Linear growth rate

66. Algorithm that begins with First position in array and looks at each value in turn until it is found is known to be
a. Linear seaching
b. Binary searching
c. Sequential searching
d. Tree searching
Answer: (c).Sequential searching

67. Efficiency of an algorithm is measured by
a. Absolute analysis
b. Cost analysis
c. Relative analysis
d. Asymptotic analysis
Answer: (d).Asymptotic analysis

68. An algorithm with running-time of a highest-order term containing a factor of n^2 is said to have a
a. Quadratic growth rate
b. Exponential growth rate
c. Absolute growth rate
d. Linear growth rate
Answer: (a).Quadratic growth rate

69. An analysis that estimates resource consumption of an algorithm is known to be
a. Relative analysis
b. Absolute analysis
c. Asymptotic analysis
d. Cost analysis
Answer: (c).Asymptotic analysis

70. Implementation of operations associated with an ADT is done by a
a. Member function
b. Member type
c. Member object
d. Member data-type
Answer: (a).Member function