71. Data types are of form
a. Physical
b. Logical
c. Both a and b
d. Composite
Answer: (c).Both a and b

72. A data structure requires a certain amount of space for each
a. Data process
b. Data movement
c. Data item
d. Data action
Answer: (c).Data item

73. ADT stands for
a. Array data type
b. Actual data type
c. Abstract data type
d. Assertion data type
Answer: (c).Abstract data type

74. Defining a data type in terms of an ADT is of form
a. Logical
b. Physical
c. Composite
d. Visual
Answer: (a).Logical

75. An ADT and data related to its implementation together make up a
a. Type
b. Class
c. Object
d. Member
Answer: (b).Class

76. A collection of values are known as
a. Chain
b. Type
c. Stack
d. Array
Answer: (b).Type

77. Data types formation can be of
a. 2 types
b. 3 types
c. 4 types
d. 5 types
Answer: (a).2 types

78. An ADT doesn't specify implementation of
a. Class
b. Operations
c. Datatype
d. Interface
Answer: (c).Datatype

79. For selecting a data structure, approach to be followed is known as
a. Two-step approach
b. Three-step approach
c. Four-step approach
d. Five-step approach
Answer: (b).Three-step approach

80. Implementing a data type as a data structure is of form
a. Composite
b. Logical
c. Physical
d. Absolute
Answer: (c).Physical