81. A simple type whose values contain no subparts, is called
a. Integer type
b. String type
c. Boolean type
d. Aggregate type
Answer: (a).Integer type

82. Records can be accessed by unique numbers, that are known to be
a. Record-match query
b. Exact-match query
c. Data-match query
d. Query-match
Answer: (b).Exact-match query

83. Interface of ADT can be defined in terms of
a. Type
b. Set of operations
c. Set of assertions
d. Both a and b
Answer: (d).Both a and b

84. Term that makes realization of a data type as a software component is called
a. Actual data type
b. Abstract data type
c. Visual data type
d. Component data type
Answer: (b).Abstract data type

85. A record is modifiable only when medication does not affect its
a. Resource requirements
b. Degradation requirements
c. Space requirements
d. Reference requirements
Answer: (c).Space requirements

86. A solution is assumed to be efficient if it is able to solve problem within required
a. Constraints
b. Processing
c. Decision making
d. Developers
Answer: (a).Constraints

87. An implementation for an ADT is called
a. Data process
b. Data movement
c. Data structure
d. Data member
Answer: (c).Data structure

88. Data structure that allows extremely fast exact-match search, is known to be
a. Arrays
b. Pointers
c. Stacks
d. Hash tables
Answer: (d).Hash tables

89. A data item can be thought of a member of a
a. Type
b. Function
c. Standard
d. Structure
Answer: (a).Type

90. Data structure that support efficient insertion of new records, is said to be
a. Array
b. Hash table
c. Pointer
d. Stack
Answer: (b).Hash table