91. A record or a piece of information whose value is generated from a type, is called
a. Data process
b. Data movement
c. Data action
d. Data item
Answer: (d).Data item

92. Space requirement of a data item, defined by its variables are referred to as
a. Data structure
b. Data process
c. Data object
d. Data member
Answer: (d).Data member

93. A function or a mapping of inputs to outputs is called
a. Process
b. Program
c. Algorithm
d. Problem
Answer: (d).Problem

94. In mathematical means, problems can be viewed as
a. Operations
b. Functions
c. Mechanism
d. Design pattern
Answer: (b).Functions

95. In a function, values that make up an input are known to be
a. Member
b. Domain
c. Instances
d. Parameters
Answer: (d).Parameters

96. An instantiation of an algorithm in a computer programming language is called
a. Algorithm
b. Problem solving
c. Program
d. Process method
Answer: (c).Program

97. A given algorithm is able to compute
a. 2 functions only
b. Particular function
c. Multiple functions
d. Infinite functions
Answer: (b).Particular function

98. A function can be thought as a matching between
a. Inputs
b. Outputs
c. Parameters
d. Both a and b
Answer: (d).Both a and b

99. For parameters, a specific selection of values is called
a. Parameters
b. Instances
c. Member
d. Entity
Answer: (b).Instances

100. A problem definition should not include any
a. Inputs
b. Outputs
c. Constraints
d. Steps
Answer: (c).Constraints