31. Data must be represented, organized, stored, processed and managed in a way that facilitates_________.
a. Easy access
b. Retrieval
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. Withdrawal
Answer: (c).Both (a) and (b)

32. __________ is a collection of data elements of similar data types.
a. String
b. Arrays
c. Both (a) and (b)
Answer: (b).Arrays

33. Which is an example of a dynamic data structure?
a. Linked list
b. Memory location
c. Stack
d. String
Answer: (a).Linked list

34. A data structure is a group of data elements grouped together under ______.
a. One name
b. Different names
c. Multiple names
d. Same name
Answer: (a).One name

35. To write fixed-length records, use file open mode:
a. ios::app
b. ios::ate
c. ios::trunc
d. ios::binary
Answer: (d).ios::binary

36. A random access file is organized most like a(n):
a. Array
b. Object
c. Class
d. Pointer
Answer: (a).Array

37. Which file open mode would be used to write data only to the end of an existing file?
a. ios::app
b. ios::in
c. ios::out
d. ios::trunc
Answer: (a).ios::app

38. Which one of the below mentioned is linear data structure?
a. Queue
b. Stack
c. Arrays
d. All of these
Answer: (d).All of these

39. Term Data Structure refers to _________ and interrelationship between them.
a. Programming Language Statement
b. Coding Standards
c. Organization of data element
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Organization of data element

40. Data is nothing but ____________.
a. Bunch of Information
b. Piece of Information
c. Programming Statement
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Piece of Information

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