141. The handling of user interface, data dictionary, concurrency control and global query optimization are tasks of
a. open programming level
b. database connectivity level
c. client level
d. server level
Answer: (c).client level

142. The objects in database description is called
a. concept construct
b. entity construct
c. schema construct
d. attribution construct
Answer: (c).schema construct

143. The collection of all the concepts that must be used to describe database structure is called
a. structural model
b. server model
c. data model
d. client model
Answer: (c).data model

144. In two-tier client -„ server architecture, the functions of transaction server and query server are controlled by
a. server side
b. host side
c. modulation side
d. client side
Answer: (a).server side

145. The data model, access path and number of users of database management system are the criteria for
a. logical phase basis of DBMS
b. classification basis of DBMS
c. data cycle basis of DBMS
d. transaction phase basis of DBMS
Answer: (b).classification basis of DBMS

146. The computing model in which the large number of printers, PCs, Web servers and database servers are connected to each other with the help of network is classified as
a. client / server architecture
b. host / compiler architecture
c. client / module architecture
d. application / terminal architecture
Answer: (a).client / server architecture

147. The type of database management system in which all the application programs are executed and processes with one machine is classified as
a. limited access DBMS
b. hosted DBMS
c. centralized DBMS
d. decentralized DBMS
Answer: (c).centralized DBMS

148. In a database of company, if the employees are classified as entity then the name of employees is called
a. logical entity detail
b. abstract detail
c. attribute
d. entity detail
Answer: (c).attribute

149. All the information about usage standards, decision of designs, user information and description of application programs is stored in
a. data repository
b. data utility
c. data compiler
d. data host
Answer: (a).data repository

150. In Three-Schema Architecture, the schema which gives the description about physical data model, access path and details of storage of data is called
a. logical schema
b. conceptual schema
c. internal schema
d. external schema
Answer: (c).internal schema

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