151. The local concurrency control, storage of data on disk pages and the buffering of disk pages are considered as tasks of
a. client level
b. server level
c. open programming level
d. database connectivity level
Answer: (b).server level

152. The features which allows users to update the database and specifying retrievals are part of
a. basic set of operations
b. basic set of design
c. basic set of modules
d. basic set of instructions
Answer: (a).basic set of operations

153. In the network model, the one to many relationship is denoted by
a. 1:N
b. 1:M
c. 2:M
d. 3:M
Answer: (a).1:N

154. The data model which uses the concepts such as attributes, relationships and entities is classified as
a. conceptual data model
b. representative data models
c. graphical data models
d. occasional data models
Answer: (a).conceptual data model

155. In categories of data modeling, the high level data models are also called
a. triggered data models
b. logical data models
c. conceptual data models
d. physical data models
Answer: (c).conceptual data models

156. In database management system, the current set of instance or database snapshot is also called
a. mathematical operators of schema
b. logical operators of schema
c. extension of schema
d. intension of schema
Answer: (c).extension of schema

157. In Three-Schema Architecture, the schema in which the part of database is described to the user group who is interested and other details are kept hide is called
a. logical schema
b. conceptual schema
c. internal schema
d. external schema
Answer: (d).external schema

158. If the high level data manipulation language is used in standalone interface manner then this language is considered as
a. host language
b. sublanguage
c. query language
d. scheming language
Answer: (c).query language

159. In data modeling, the data constraints, data relationships and data types for the stored data are classified as
a. logical design of database
b. structure of database
c. server module of database
d. client module of database
Answer: (b).structure of database

160. The type of relational database which incorporate the concepts of object database is classified as
a. functional object system
b. behavioral relational system
c. extended relational system
d. extended objects system
Answer: (c).extended relational system

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