121. In categories of data modeling, the low level data models are also called
a. conceptual data models
b. physical data models
c. triggered data models
d. logical data models
Answer: (b).physical data models

122. The concepts of data models that are only useful to computer specialists rather than end users of programs are classified as
a. triggered data models
b. logical data models
c. conceptual data models
d. physical data models
Answer: (d).physical data models

123. The hierarchical models and network models are considered as types of
a. logical structural models
b. attributed structural models
c. legacy data models
d. entity recording model
Answer: (c).legacy data models

124. The process of converting the requests into results between three-schema architecture internal, external and conceptual levels is called
a. mapping
b. pitching
c. transforming
d. dependence
Answer: (a).mapping

125. The type of legacy data model in which related records are represented by each hierarchy in the tree structure is classified as
a. network relational models
b. legacy network model
c. hierarchy models
d. network model
Answer: (c).hierarchy models

126. The type of data model which provide concepts in a way users of data recognize data models is considered as
a. dynamic data models
b. medium level data models
c. low level data models
d. high level data models
Answer: (d).high level data models

127. For a three-schema architecture, there is strict partition between external, internal and conceptual level and the language used in this structure is
a. view definition language
b. logic map language
c. concept mapping language
d. storage mapping language
Answer: (a).view definition language

128. The levels in which the three schema architecture can be defined includes
a. internal schema
b. conceptual schema
c. external schema
d. all of above
Answer: (d).all of above

129. The type of data independence in which the schema can be altered on conceptual level without altering external level is classified as
a. conceptual level independence
b. external level independence
c. logical data independence
d. physical data independence
Answer: (c).logical data independence

130. The middle computer system which is accessed to access database server is classified as
a. host server
b. application server
c. database server
d. client server
Answer: (b).application server