131. The process of suppression of details regarding storage and data type to highlight important features for better understanding is called
a. data abstraction
b. structural abstraction
c. client abstraction
d. server abstraction
Answer: (a).data abstraction

132. In two-tier client -„ server architecture, the running of application programs and the user interface programs is in control of
a. modulation side
b. client side
c. server side
d. host side
Answer: (b).client side

133. In database schema, the database snapshot is also called
a. current set of entity
b. current set of instances
c. current set of entity
d. current set of objects
Answer: (b).current set of instances

134. The Conference on Data Systems Languages Database Task Group is a committee to
a. approve network structure
b. specify network model and language
c. specify names of networks
d. specify structure of networks
Answer: (b).specify network model and language

135. In client -„ server architecture, the system which consists of software's and peripheral devices for archiving, printing and accessing files is called
a. server
b. host
c. module
d. client
Answer: (a).server

136. The behavior which allows the database designer to specify user defined operations for databases is called
a. dynamic behavior
b. stationary behavior
c. semantic behavior
d. triggered behavior
Answer: (a).dynamic behavior

137. The association between two or more entities in a database system is classified as
a. dynamic association
b. relationship
c. network model
d. record models
Answer: (b).relationship

138. The capacity to alter the database schema at one level without altering any other schema level is classified as
a. data mapping
b. data independence
c. data dependence
d. data transformation
Answer: (b).data independence

139. The database management architecture in which there is middle level between database server and client server is classified as
a. three-tier architecture
b. two-tier architecture
c. single-tier architecture
d. three way DBMS module
Answer: (a).three-tier architecture

140. While designing the database management system, if the performance is the main issue to be considered then the DBMS designed is called
a. special purpose DBMS
b. general purpose DBMS
c. non-classical DBMS
d. classical DBMS
Answer: (a).special purpose DBMS

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