111. Subschema can be used to
a. create very different, personalized views of the same data
b. present information in different formats
c. hide sensitive information by omitting fields from the sub-schema's description
d. All of the above
Answer: (d).All of the above

112. The process of reading a database schema and producing a data model from that schema is known as:
a. data modeling.
b. database design.
c. reverse engineering.
d. None of the above is correct.
Answer: (c).reverse engineering.

113. The data model that is produced from reverse engineering is:
a. a conceptual model.
b. an internal model.
c. a logical model.
d. None of the above is correct.
Answer: (d).None of the above is correct.

114. A tool that can help designers understand the dependencies of database structures is a:
a. dependency graph.
b. data model.
c. graphical display.
d. None of the above is correct.
Answer: (a).dependency graph.

115. In the three-tier architecture, the intermediate layer between database and client servers is classified as
a. functional server
b. transaction server
c. application server
d. disk server
Answer: (c).application server

116. The form of data model in which the concepts provided are useful for end users and are also close to the way it is stored in computer system is called
a. representational data models
b. implementation data models
c. clientele data models
d. both a and b
Answer: (d).both a and b

117. The architecture of database in which the characteristics such as program insulations, multiple user support and the use of catalogs are achieved is classified as
a. multiple-schema architecture
b. single-schema architecture
c. two-schema architecture
d. three-schema architecture
Answer: (d).three-schema architecture

118. The form of data model which focuses the concepts in the same way as the data stored in computer system is classified as
a. low level data models
b. high level data models
c. dynamic data models
d. medium level data models
Answer: (a).low level data models

119. The type of legacy data model in which data is represented as record types and limited one to many relationships is called
a. network relational models
b. legacy network model
c. hierarchy models
d. network model
Answer: (d).network model

120. The type of server in two-tier architectures which provides the data to client stored on disk pages is called
a. transaction server
b. functional server
c. disk server
d. data server
Answer: (d).data server