91. In Concurrent Development Model, externally observable mode of behavior is termed as
a. state
b. cell
c. wait
d. phase
Answer: (a).state

92. In Concurrent Development Model, early in project when communication activity has completed its first iteration it exists in the
a. awaiting changes state
b. under development state
c. done state
d. none state
Answer: (a).awaiting changes state

93. In Concurrent Development Model, all activities exist concurrently but reside in
a. single state
b. no state
c. different states
d. different communications
Answer: (c).different states

94. In Concurrent Development Model, when initial communication is completed modeling makes a transition into
a. under development state
b. awaiting changes state
c. done state
d. none state
Answer: (a).under development state

95. In incremental process model, coding of software is done in
a. construction framework
b. planning framework
c. modeling framework
d. deployment framework
Answer: (a).construction framework

96. When incremental model is used, first increment is often a
a. core product
b. context product
c. last product
d. incremental product
Answer: (a).core product

97. Once core product is analyzed by client, there exist a
a. plan phase
b. maintenance phase
c. communication phase
d. decremental phase
Answer: (a).plan phase

98. Incremental process model focuses on delivery of an operational product with
a. no increment
b. each decrement
c. each increment
d. None Of These
Answer: (c).each increment

99. In incremental process model, each linear sequence of a software produces deliverable
a. increment
b. decrement
c. constant
d. None Of These
Answer: (a).increment

100. Errors are easy to be identified in
a. Incremental process model
b. waterfall process model
c. combinational process model
d. non linear process model
Answer: (a).Incremental process model