71. The region code of a point is 1001. The point is in the ................. region of window.
a. Top right
b. Top lef
c. Bottom lef
d. Botton right
Answer: (b).Top lef

72. The result of logical AND operation with endpoint region codes is a nonzero value. Which of the following statement is true?
a. The line is completely inside the window
b. The line is completely outside the window
c. The line is partially inside the window
d. The line is already clipped
Answer: (b).The line is completely outside the window

73. The ...................... algorithm divides a 2D space into 9 regions, of which only the middle part (viewport) is visible.
a. Cohen-Sutherland
b. Liang Barsky
c. Sutherland Hodegeman
d. N-L-N
Answer: (a).Cohen-Sutherland

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