61. Active matrix display is based on technology which uses
a. thin-film transistor
b. mirror
c. digital light
d. CRT
Answer: (a).thin-film transistor

62. Refresh rate is measured in
a. mbps
b. hertz
c. kilo hertz
d. mega hertz
Answer: (b).hertz

63. Dot pitch is measured as a fraction of
a. mm
b. km
c. mg
d. hz
Answer: (a).mm

64. Type of monitor which is common in desktop computers is
a. cathode-ray tube
b. flat-panel
c. monochrome
d. projector
Answer: (a).cathode-ray tube

65. If you move the pointer too quickly, it seems to disappear, this effect is known as
a. submarining
b. vanishing
c. shadow
d. refresh
Answer: (a).submarining

66. Monitor use various intensities of colors to generate the rainbow, these colors are in number
a. 16 million
b. 3
c. 4
d. 16
Answer: (d).16

67. Sequencing and display of a set of images to create a visual change effect is called
a. Computer animations
b. Computer graphics
c. Computer videography
d. Computer image terminals
Answer: (a).Computer animations

68. Each image used in sequences by videos is said to be
a. Entity
b. Instance
c. Frame
d. Block
Answer: (c).Frame

69. Animation is used in instances, when there is no possibility of
a. Audiography
b. Videography
c. Graphics
d. Multimedia
Answer: (b).Videography

70. Generation manipulation and display of pictures with aid of a computer is dealt with
a. Computer designs
b. Computer animations
c. Computer graphics
d. Computer videos
Answer: (c).Computer graphics

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