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Which of the following is false regarding the evaluation of computer programming languages?
Answer: (d).Hardware maintenance cost
Answer: (b).(000)* is a regular expression that matches only strings containing an odd number of zeroes, including the empty string.
System calls are usually invoked by using:
Answer: (c).A software interrupt
The ............... transfers the executable image of a C++ program from hard disk to main memory.
Answer: (d).Loader
The family of context sensitive languages is ................. under union and ................. under reversal.
Answer: (c).closed, closed
Which is the correct statement(s) for Non Recursive predictive parser?

S1: First(α) = {t | α => * t β for some string β } => *tβ
S2: Follow(X) = { a | S => * αXa β for some strings α and β }
Answer: (d).Both statements S1 and S2 are correct
From the point of view of the programmer, what are the major advantages of using a high-level language rather than internal machine code or assembly language ?
Answer: (b).Easy development
The scheme of which interpreter translates the source program is known as
Answer: (c).Line by line
Answer: (c).Independent of platform
Object modules generated by assembler that contains unresolved external references are resolved for two or more object module by a/an
Answer: (c).Linker
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