81. Loading operating system from secondary memory to primary memory is called...............
a. Compiling
b. Booting
c. Refreshing
d. Reassembling
Answer: (b).Booting

82. Which statement is wrong ?
a. If linked origin ≠ translated origin, relocation must be performed by the linker
b. If load ≠ linked origin, the loader must perform relocation
c. A linker always perform relocation, whereas some loaders do not
d. None of these
Answer: (d).None of these

83. Tasks done in parsing are:
a. Check the validity of a source string
b. Determine the syntactic structure of a source string
c. Both a and b
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Both a and b

84. YACC builds up ................. parsing table.
b. LR
c. SLR
d. LLR
Answer: (a).LALR

85. The action of passing the source program into the proper syntactic class is known as:
a. Syntax analysis
b. Lexical analysis
c. Interpretation analysis
d. Uniform symbol generation
Answer: (b).Lexical analysis

86. The dynamic binding occurs during the:
a. Compile time
b. Run time
c. Linking time
d. Pre-processing time
Answer: (b).Run time

87. A Top-down Parse generates:
a. Left-most derivation
b. Right-most derivation
c. Right-most derivation in reverse
d. Left-most derivation in reverse
Answer: (a).Left-most derivation

88. A general macro processor is an in built function of:
a. Loader
b. Linker
c. Editor
d. Assembler
Answer: (d).Assembler

89. Which of the following is not collision Resolution Technique?
a. Hash addressing
b. Chaining
c. Indexing
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Indexing

90. Which activity is not included in the first pass of two pass assembler?
a. build the symbol table
b. construct the intermediate code
c. separate mnemonic opcode and operand field
d. none of these
Answer: (d).none of these