21. The view of total database content is
a. Conceptual view
b. Internal view
c. External view
d. Physical view
Answer: (a).Conceptual view

22. Architecture of the database can be viewed as
a. two levels
b. four levels
c. three levels
d. one level
Answer: (c).three levels

23. In the architecture of a database system external level is the
a. physical level
b. logical level
c. conceptual level
d. view level
Answer: (d).view level

24. In a Hierarchical model records are organized as
a. Graph
b. List
c. Links
d. Tree
Answer: (d).Tree

25. A logical schema
a. is the entire database
b. is a standard way of organizing information into accessible parts
c. describes how data is actually stored on disk
d. both a and c
Answer: (a).is the entire database

26. Conceptual design
a. is a documentation technique.
b. needs data volume and processing frequencies to determine the size of the database.
c. involves modelling independent of the DBMS.
d. is designing the relational model.
Answer: (c).involves modelling independent of the DBMS.

27. A subschema expresses
a. the logical view
b. the physical view
c. the external view
d. all of the above
Answer: (c).the external view

28. SET concept is used in :
a. Network Model
b. Hierarchical Model
c. Relational Model
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Network Model

29. The conceptual model is
a. dependent on hardware
b. dependent on software
c. dependent on both hardware and software
d. independent of both hardware and software
Answer: (d).independent of both hardware and software

30. Which of the following is record based logical model?
a. Network Model
b. Object oriented model
c. E-R Model
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Network Model

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