61. Long form of DBA is ______________.
a. Database Administrator
b. Database Admin
c. Database Application
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Database Administrator

62. DBMS stands for __________.
a. Database Management System
b. Database Administrator System
c. Database Basic Management System
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Database Management System

63. A database is a complex type of ______.
a. Application
b. Data Structure
c. Manager
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Data Structure

64. In __________ data can be stored in structured manner.
a. CPU
b. ALU
c. Database
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Database

65. Duplication of data at several places is called as _______________.
a. Data Inconsistency
b. Data Redundancy
c. Data Isolation
d. Atomicity Problem
Answer: (b).Data Redundancy

66. Suppose user have Saving Account and Checking Account in the Bank. Saving Account Stores following information -


and Checking Account stores -


Which of the information is not redundant ?
a. account-no
b. name
c. address
d. mobile
Answer: (a).account-no

67. If in redundant file common fields are not matching then it results in _____________.
a. Data Redundancy
b. Data Integrity Problem
c. Data Isolation
d. Data Inconsistency
Answer: (d).Data Inconsistency

68. Data Isolation caused due to ________ in traditional file system.
a. Complex Data
b. Scattering of Data
c. Atomic Data
d. Duplicate Data
Answer: (b).Scattering of Data

69. If person A want to transfer fund of Rs.500 to person B. If failure occurs after removing Rs.500 from Account A and before transferring to Account B then problem caused is __________.
a. Data Isolation
b. Data Redundancy
c. Data Atomicity
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Data Atomicity

70. Identify the advantages of Database management system ?
a. Data Intgrity
b. Reduction in Data Redundancy
c. Centralize Management
d. All of these
Answer: (d).All of these