71. If DBA modify the structure of the data record then this modification do not affect other application is called as _____________.
a. Data Independance
b. Data Integrity
c. Data Isolation
d. Data Security
Answer: (a).Data Independance

72. Collection of information stored in database at particular instance of time is called as __________.
a. Data Structure
b. Database Schema
c. Instance of Database
d. Objects in Database
Answer: (c).Instance of Database

73. Overall design of the database is called as _________.
a. Database Instance
b. Database Abstraction
c. Database Schema
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Database Schema

74. _________ is collection of operations that performs a single logical function in database application.
a. Interaction
b. Operation
c. Transaction
d. None of these
Answer: (c).Transaction

75. Database Manager Performs following query related operation
a. Drop Table
b. Creating Schema
c. Retrieving Record
d. Creating View
Answer: (c).Retrieving Record

76. Duty of Database manager is to enforce integrity and _________ checks.
a. Complexity
b. Security
c. Multiplicity
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Security

77. Granting and Authorization for data access is provided by ____________.
a. DBA
b. Application Developer
c. Storage Manager
d. Database Manager
Answer: (a).DBA

78. Database Manager is also known as ________.
a. Sophisticated User
b. System Manager
c. Application Programmer
d. Storage Manager
Answer: (d).Storage Manager

79. Which of the user write program in host language and embed the DML statements into it ?
a. Specialized User
b. Sophisticated User
c. Application Programmer
d. Naive User
Answer: (c).Application Programmer

80. User which interact with the system using database query language is called as ___________.
a. Application Programmer
b. Sophisticated User
c. Naive User
d. Specialized User
Answer: (b).Sophisticated User