51. Opening Tag of HTML Tag is called as __________.
a. Ending Tag
b. Closed Tag
c. Starting Tag
d. Forward Tag
Answer: (c).Starting Tag

52. Which of the following tag is used to link the URL ?
a. <a>
b. <style>
c. <link>
d. <hyperlink>
Answer: (a).<a>

53. Link URL in HTML is specified using __________ attribute.
a. src
b. href
c. link
d. rel
Answer: (b).href

54. Following tag Stands for -
a. Active Tag
b. Action Tag
c. Anchor Tag
d. Additional Tag
Answer: (c).Anchor Tag

55. Value of Attribute "href" is also called as __________ of the Destination Web Page.
a. URM
b. URL
c. URK
d. URS
Answer: (b).URL

56. Link in HTML can be of following type(s).
a. Visited
b. Active
c. Unvisited
d. All are the Types of Links
Answer: (d).All are the Types of Links

57. Default Style and Color of Unvisited Link in any browser is ____________.
a. Normal and Blue
b. Underline and Pink
c. Underline and Magento
d. Underlined and Blue
Answer: (d).Underlined and Blue

58. Visited Link in Mozilla Firefox is Generally shown in __________ Color.
a. Brown
b. Purple
c. Blue
d. Red
Answer: (b).Purple

59. Default color of active link in browser is ____________.
a. red
b. blue
c. green
d. brown
Answer: (a).red

60. A linked page using anchor tag is normally displayed in the ____________.
a. New Window
b. Current Window
c. New Tab
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Current Window

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