81. Which symbol is written immediately after mailto Keyword in href attribute of anchor tag ?
a. Semicolon
b. Hash
c. Colon
d. Comma
Answer: (c).Colon

82. One of the following method is used to send the email with default subject "Hello".
a. <a href="">Email</a>
b. <a href=""Hello">Email</a>
c. <a href="" subject="Hello">Email</a>
d. None of these
Answer: (a).<a href="">Email</a>

83. If we need to include some of the lines to mail body then we can use following approach ?
a. <a href=" Text" >Email</a>
b. <a href=" Text">Email</a>
c. <a href="" body="Body Text">Email</a>
d. None of these
Answer: (b).<a href=" Text">Email</a>

84. We can include default subject heading and body text by passing query parameter(s) separated by _____________ symbol.
a. Comma
b. Colon
c. Question Mark
d. Ampersand
Answer: (d).Ampersand

85. Query parameters are written usually after ____________ Symbol.
a. Colon
b. Question Mark
c. Semicolon
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Question Mark

86. If the image cannot be displayed then _______ specifies an alternate text for an image.
a. text attribute
b. alt attribute
c. value attribute
d. caption attribute
Answer: (b).alt attribute

87. __________ attribute is used to display an image ?
a. src attribute
b. val attribute
c. source attribute
d. srs attribute
Answer: (a).src attribute

88. Which of the following pair of attribute is required for img tag ?
a. src and alt
b. src and a
c. img and src
d. img and alt
Answer: (a).src and alt

89. The ______ tag defines an image in an HTML page.
a. <pic>
b. <image>
c. <img>
d. <imge>
Answer: (c).<img>

90. Alt Attribute is more useful in the situation where user have ____________.
a. High Speed Internet Connection
b. Slow Internet Connection
c. Broadband Connection
d. None of these
Answer: (b).Slow Internet Connection