71. Which of the following is not an OS for mobile?
a. Palm
b. Windows
c. Mango
d. Android
Answer: (c).Mango

72. Mobile Phone OS contains open APIs that may be _____________ attack.
a. useful for
b. vulnerable to
c. easy to
d. meant for
Answer: (b).vulnerable to

73. ____________ gets propagated through networks and technologies like SMS, Bluetooth, wireless medium, USBs and infrared to affect mobile phones.
a. Worms
b. Antivirus
c. Malware
d. Multimedia files
Answer: (c).Malware

74. ____________ is the protection of smart-phones, phablets, tablets, and other portable tech-devices, & the networks to which they connect to, from threats & bugs.
a. OS Security
b. Database security
c. Cloud security
d. Mobile security
Answer: (d).Mobile security

75. Mobile security is also known as ____________
a. OS Security
b. Wireless security
c. Cloud security
d. Database security
Answer: (b).Wireless security

76. DDoS in mobile systems wait for the owner of the _____________ to trigger the attack.
a. worms
b. virus
c. botnets
d. programs
Answer: (c).botnets

77. Hackers cannot do which of the following after compromising your phone?
a. Steal your information
b. Rob your e-money
c. Shoulder surfing
d. Spying
Answer: (c).Shoulder surfing

78. Hackers cannot do which of the following after compromising your phone?
a. Shoulder surfing
b. Accessing your voice mail
c. Steal your information
d. Use your app credentials
Answer: (a).Shoulder surfing

79. App permissions can cause trouble as some apps may secretly access your memory card or contact data.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can't say
Answer: (a).True

80. Activate _____________ when you’re required it to use, otherwise turn it off for security purpose.
a. Flash Light
b. App updates
c. Bluetooth
d. Rotation
Answer: (c).Bluetooth

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