11. _____________ is the technique used for tricking users to disclose their username and passwords through fake pages.
a. Social Engineering
b. Phishing
c. Cookie Stealing
d. Banner Grabbing
Answer: (b).Phishing

12. Using email hacking illicit hackers can send & spread ___________ virus _____________ and spam emails.
a. trojans, redirected malicious URLs
b. antivirus, patches
c. cracked software, redirected malicious URLs
d. malware, security patches
Answer: (a).trojans, redirected malicious URLs

13. Unsolicited Bulk E-mails (UBI) are called __________
a. SMS
b. MMS
c. Spam emails
d. Malicious emails
Answer: (c).Spam emails

14. Fraudulent email messages are some fake email messages that seem legitimate which ask for your bank details and reply those emails with updated confidential information.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can't say
Answer: (a).True

15. Fraudulent email messages are some fake email messages that seem legitimate which asks for your confidential bank details such as _____________ details _________ and passwords.
a. credit card, antivirus name
b. credit card, login ID
c. cell phone, antivirus name
d. car model, account ID
Answer: (b).credit card, login ID

16. Which of the following is a micro-virus that can bring down the confidentiality of an email (specifically)?
a. Zeus
b. Stuxnet
c. Reaper Exploit
d. Friday the 13
Answer: (c).Reaper Exploit

17. Email users who use IE as their _________________ are vulnerable to Reaper Exploit.
a. Web engine
b. Rendering engine
c. Game engine
d. HTML engine
Answer: (d).HTML engine

18. _______________ needs to be turned off in order to prevent from this attack.
a. Email scripting
b. Email attachments
c. Email services
d. Third party email programs
Answer: (a).Email scripting

19. Which of the following is a tool to monitor outgoing traffic of target PC’s email and intercept all the emails sent from it?
a. Wireshark
b. Advanced Stealth Email Redirector
c. MS Outlook
d. Cisco Jabber
Answer: (b).Advanced Stealth Email Redirector

20. Advanced SER is abbreviated as ___________
a. Advanced Stealth Electronic Redirector
b. Advanced Security Email Redirector
c. Advanced Stealth Email Redirector
d. Advanced Stealth Email Recorder
Answer: (c).Advanced Stealth Email Redirector

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