61. Find out, select & uninstall all ________________ programs from your computer.
a. useful
b. pre-installed
c. unwanted
d. utility
Answer: (c).unwanted

62. As a backup for securing your device, it is necessary to create a _____________
a. backup point
b. copy of files in separate drives
c. copy of files in the same drives
d. restore point
Answer: (d).restore point

63. The _______________ is a security app by Microsoft which is a built-in one into Windows OS that is designed to filter network data from your Windows system & block harmful communications or the programs which are initiating them.
a. Windows Security Essentials
b. Windows Firewall
c. Windows app blocker
d. Windows 10
Answer: (b).Windows Firewall

64. _____________ are essential because they frequently comprises of critical patches to security holes.
a. System software
b. Utility Software
c. Software executables
d. Software updates
Answer: (d).Software updates

65. The ______________ account and the __________ account have the same file privileges, but their working and functionalities have difference.
a. system, administrator
b. system, user
c. group, user
d. user, administrator
Answer: (a).system, administrator

66. ________________ is an anti-malware tool found in newer OS which is designed for protecting computers from viruses, spyware & other malware.
a. Norton Antivirus
b. Windows Defender
c. Anti-malware
d. Microsoft Security Essentials
Answer: (b).Windows Defender

67. ____________ is an application which now comes built-in Windows OS & it allows Windows users to encrypt all drive for security purpose.
a. MS Windows Defender
b. MSE
c. BitLocker
d. MS Office
Answer: (c).BitLocker

68. A __________ is a dedicatedly designed chip on an endpoint device which stores RSA encryption keys particular to the host system for the purpose of hardware authentication.
a. Trusted Platform Mode
b. Trusted Protocol Module
c. Trusted Privacy Module
d. Trusted Platform Module
Answer: (d).Trusted Platform Module

69. TPM is abbreviated as ____________
a. Trusted Platform Mode
b. Trusted Platform Module
c. Trusted Privacy Module
d. True Platform Module
Answer: (b).Trusted Platform Module

70. Which of the following is not an appropriate way of targeting a mobile phone for hacking?
a. Target mobile hardware vulnerabilities
b. Target apps’ vulnerabilities
c. Setup Keyloggers and spyware in smart-phones
d. Snatch the phone
Answer: (d).Snatch the phone

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