51. Subsystem of human machine processor that handles actions of system is called
a. cognitive system
b. motor system
c. perceptual system
d. autonomic system
Answer: (b).motor system

52. Simple model of human interaction was proposed by
a. Stuart K. Card
b. Thomas P. Moran
c. Allen Newell
d. Card, Moran and Newell
Answer: (d).Card, Moran and Newell

53. A negative contrast on display screen result in to increasing the
a. reusability
b. quality
c. legibility
d. interactivity
Answer: (c).legibility

54. Relationship among vision and distance from point of focus is
a. conversely
b. indirectly
c. directly
d. inversely
Answer: (d).inversely

55. Human perception in reading process is part of
a. saccades
b. fixations
c. regressions
d. suppression
Answer: (b).fixations

56. Impressing moving icons in a system design can be
a. appealing
b. attractive
c. distracting
d. attentive
Answer: (c).distracting

57. Delicate hair cells in cochlea is called
a. cilia
b. cochlea
c. ossicles
d. tympanic membrane
Answer: (a).cilia

58. By using capitalized words, reading speed and accuracy
a. increased
b. improved
c. declined
d. leveled
Answer: (c).declined

59. Sensitivity of cones to blue light results into
a. lower red acuity
b. lower red acuity
c. higher blue acuity
d. lower blue acuity
Answer: (d).lower blue acuity

60. Relationship among flicker and luminous is
a. directly proportion
b. inversely proportion
c. conversely proportion
d. indirectly proportional
Answer: (a).directly proportion

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