151. A negative contrast used on display screen enable screen to prone to
a. hue
b. flicker
c. saturation
d. contrast
Answer: (b).flicker

152. User input in human computer interaction is occurred through
a. motor controls
b. experience
c. senses
d. education
Answer: (c).senses

153. Type of ganglion cells that enables early detection of image movement are called
a. X-cells
b. Y-cells
c. Z-cells
d. A-cells
Answer: (b).Y-cells

154. Division of visual perception process of human is in total
a. 1 stage
b. 2 stages
c. 3 stages
d. 4 stages
Answer: (b).2 stages

155. Analogy of user in HCI is used as
a. requirements design system
b. system design
c. information processing system
d. system output
Answer: (c).information processing system