21. Human computer interaction is a core subject of
a. psychology
b. software engineering
c. anthropology
d. no ones
Answer: (b).software engineering

22. User output in human computer interaction is occurred through
a. motor controls
b. experience
c. senses
d. education
Answer: (a).motor controls

23. Visual angle measurement given by 1 degree is equivalent to
a. 60 seconds of arc
b. 600 seconds of arc
c. 60 minutes of arc
d. 360 seconds of arc
Answer: (a).60 seconds of arc

24. Total time period taken by fixations in reading process is approximately
a. 94%
b. 93%
c. 92%
d. 91%
Answer: (a).94%

25. Jerky movement of human eyes during reading process is followed by
a. regressions
b. fixations
c. saccades
d. suppression
Answer: (b).fixations

26. User's vocal system is categorically used as
a. input control
b. processing control
c. memorization control
d. motor control
Answer: (d).motor control

27. Ear of a human is further categorized into
a. two sections
b. three sections
c. four sections
d. five sections
Answer: (b).three sections

28. Light sensitive part of an eye in human vision system is
a. lens
b. cornea
c. retina
d. None of the above
Answer: (c).retina

29. Optical illusion used in designs effects page
a. symmetry
b. composition
c. borders
d. asymmetry
Answer: (a).symmetry

30. Image is made at back side of eye in form of
a. straight image
b. horizontal image
c. vertical image
d. upside down image
Answer: (d).upside down image

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