61. Binary files are sometimes referred as
a. data
b. information
c. instruction
d. command
Answer: (a).data

62. Digital data is represented using
a. binary system
b. alphabetic system
c. processing system
d. numeric system
Answer: (a).binary system

63. Data can be organized in many different types of data structures, including
a. arrays
b. graphs
c. objects
d. all of these
Answer: (d).all of these

64. To store data bytes in a file, they have to be serialized in a
a. file format
b. data format
c. binary format
d. numeric format
Answer: (a).file format

65. To convert a whole decimal number into a hexadecimal equivalent, one should divide the decimal value by
a. 2
b. 8
c. 10
d. 16
Answer: (a).2

66. Hexadecimal number system is used as a shorthand language to represent
a. decimal numbers
b. binary numbers
c. octal numbers
d. quinary numbers
Answer: (a).decimal numbers

67. Numbering system which uses numbers and letters as symbols is termed as
a. decimal
b. binary
c. octal
d. hexadecimal
Answer: (d).hexadecimal

68. Convert the binary number 1011010 to hexadecimal
a. 5C
b. 5A
c. 5F
d. 5B
Answer: (b).5A

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