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Answer: (c).title = WELCOME; export title ; sh –c “echo $title”
Answer: (c).for i in my first script; do echo –i $i; done
Answer: (b).UNIX kernel uses modules with well specified interfaces and provides advantages like simplified testing and maintenance of kernel. It has better extensibility as the kernel is not monolithic.
Answer: (c).Sort, taking the input from "in" and writing the output to "temp" then prints 30 lines from temp on terminal. Finally "temp" is removed
Answer: (c).the directory entry
A UNIX file system has 1 KB block size and 4-byte disk addresses. What is the maximum file size if the inode contains ten direct block entries, one single indirect block entry, one double indirect block entry and one triple indirect block entry?
Answer: (c).16 GB
A user level process in Unix traps the signal sent on a Ctrl + C input and has a signal handling routine that saves appropriate files before terminating the process. When a Ctrl + C input is given to this process, what is the mode in which the signal handling routine executes ?
Answer: (b).Kernel mode
Which one of the following options is not a shell in UNIX system?
Answer: (c).Net Shell
Which command allows you to view your file 24 lines at a time ?
Answer: (a).More
The Unix command used to find out the number of characters in a file is
Answer: (b).wc
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