81. In computers, application software executes
a. all the time
b. when required
c. any time
d. for few hours
Answer: (b).when required

82. Examples of package softwares are
a. word processor
b. MS word
c. data base software
d. all of these
Answer: (d).all of these

83. To perform specific tasks or calculations in the computer we use
a. system software
b. application software
c. customized software
d. package software
Answer: (b).application software

84. In computer, customized and package softwares are type of
a. application softwares
b. system softwares
c. utility programs
d. operating systems
Answer: (a).application softwares

85. Computer can run without
a. application software
b. system software
c. operating system
d. windows
Answer: (a).application software

86. Computer software which is also known as Off-the-shelf software is
a. customized software
b. package software
c. system software
d. utility program
Answer: (b).package software

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