41. Various applications and documents are represented on the Windows desktop by __.
a. icons
b. labels
c. graphs
d. symbols
Answer: (a).icons

42. The coordination of processor operation in CPU is controled by
a. CU
b. ALU
c. Registers
d. All of the above
Answer: (a).CU

43. Who invent the microprocessor?
a. John Atansof
b. Marican E Huff
c. Joseph Jucquard
d. All contribute to invent the microprocessor
Answer: (d).All contribute to invent the microprocessor

44. The name of the first microprocessor chip was
a. Intel1004
b. Intel2004
c. Intel3004
d. Intel4004
Answer: (d).Intel4004

45. Intel introduced first 32 bit processor in
a. 1985
b. 1987
c. 1989
d. 1993
Answer: (a).1985

46. In a microprocessor there are 120 instructions, how many bits needed to implement this
a. 5
b. 6
c. 7
d. 8
Answer: (c).7

47. IBM introduced first 16 bit microprocessor in
a. 1981
b. 1982
c. 1983
d. 1984
Answer: (b).1982

48. Which device can understand the difference data and programs?
a. ALU
b. Registers
c. Motherboard
d. Microprocessor
Answer: (d).Microprocessor

49. A memory bus is used for communication between
a. ALU and Register
b. Processor and Memory
c. Input and Output devices
d. All of the above
Answer: (b).Processor and Memory

50. The fourth generation computer was made up of
a. chips
b. transistor
c. vaccume tubes
d. microprocessor chips
Answer: (d).microprocessor chips

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