71. System generation
a. is always quite simple
b. is always very difficult
c. varies in difficulty between systems
d. requires extensive tools to be understandable
Answer: (d).requires extensive tools to be understandable

72. While running DOS on a PC, command which can be used to duplicate the entire diskette is
Answer: (b).DISKCOPY

73. A system program which sets up an executable program in main memory ready for execution, is
a. assembler
b. linker
c. loader
d. compiler
Answer: (c).loader

74. Operating system for the laptop computer called MacLite is
a. windows
b. DOS
d. OZ
Answer: (d).OZ

75. Computer general-purpose software is basically a
a. system software
b. data base software
c. package software
d. application software
Answer: (a).system software

76. Special purpose software are
a. application softwares
b. system softwares
c. utility softwares
d. Bespoke softwares
Answer: (a).application softwares

77. In computers, operating system and utility programs are examples of
a. system software
b. device drivers
c. application software
d. customized software
Answer: (a).system software

78. Control, usage and allocation of different hardware components of computer is done by
a. address bus
b. system software
c. application software
d. data bus
Answer: (b).system software

79. Computer software which is designed only for the use of particular customer or organization is called
a. program
b. application
c. customized software
d. system software
Answer: (c).customized software

80. Computer software designed for the use of sale to general public is called
a. package software
b. application software
c. system software
d. customized software
Answer: (a).package software

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