51. The number of clock cycles necessary to complete 1 fetch cycle in 8085 is
a. 3 or 4
b. 4 or 5
c. 4 or 6
d. 6 or 7
Answer: (c).4 or 6

52. Which of the following electronic component are not found in ordinary ICs?
a. Diodes
b. Resistors
c. Inductors
d. Transistors
Answer: (c).Inductors

53. Intel 486 is___ bit microprocessor.
a. 8 Bit
b. 16 Bit
c. 32 Bit
d. 64 Bit
Answer: (c).32 Bit

54. The graph that shows basic blocks and their successor relationship is called
a. DAG
b. Flow graph
c. Control graph
d. Hamiltonion graph
Answer: (b).Flow graph

55. The specific task storage manager performs
a. protection of storage area allocated to a program from illegal access by othere programs in the system
b. allocation/ deallocation of storage to programs
c. both (a) and (b)
d. the status of each program
Answer: (c).both (a) and (b)

56. When a computer is first turned on or resrarted, a special type of absolute loader is executed called
a. Boot loader
b. Relating loader
c. Boot strap loader
d. " Compile and GO " loader
Answer: (c).Boot strap loader

57. The process manager has to keep track of
a. information management support to a programmer using the system
b. status of each program
c. Both (a) and (b)
d. priority of each program
Answer: (c).Both (a) and (b)

58. Sotware that measures, monitors, analyzes and controls real world events is called
a. System software
b. Business software
c. Scientific software
d. Real time software
Answer: (d).Real time software

59. If E be a shifting operation applied to a function f, such that E(f) = f (x +β ), then
a. E (αf +β g )=α E (f+gβ)
b. E (αf +β g )=αβ E (f + g)
c. E (αf+β g) =α  E(f) +β  E (g)
d. E (αf +β g )=. ( α+ β )+ E (f + g)
Answer: (c).E (αf+β g) =α  E(f) +β  E (g)

60. The root directory of a disk should be placed
a. at a fixed address in main memory
b. at a fixed location on the disk
c. anywhere on the disk
d. none of these
Answer: (b).at a fixed location on the disk

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