61. A terminal multiplexer has six 1200 bps' terminals and 'n' 300 bps terminals connected to it. If the outgoing line is 9600 bps, what is the value of n ?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 16
d. 28
Answer: (b).8

62. Which of the following is used in the options field of IPv4 ?
a. Strict source routing
b. Loose source routing
c. time stamp
d. All of the above
Answer: (c).time stamp

63. Which layers of the OSI reference model are host-to-host layers ?
a. Transport, Session, Presentation, Application
b. Network, Transport, Session, Presentation
c. Data-link, Network, Transport, Session
d. Physical, Data-link, Network, Transport
Answer: (a).Transport, Session, Presentation, Application

64. A network on the Internet has a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts it can handle ?
a. 1024
b. 2048
c. 4096
d. 8192
Answer: (c).4096

65. Four bits are used for packed sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol used in a computer network. What is the maximum window size ?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 15
d. 16
Answer: (c).15

66. A Multiplexer combines four 100-Kbps channels using a time slot of 2 bits. What is the bit rate ?
a. 100 Kbps
b. 200 Kbps
c. 400 Kbps
d. 1000 Kbps
Answer: (c).400 Kbps

67. In a fully connected mesh network with 10 computers, total ______ number of cables are required and ____ number of ports are required for each device.
a. 40,9
b. 45,10
c. 45,9
d. 50,10
Answer: (c).45,9

68. In TCP/IP reference model, the job of ____ layer is to permit hosts to inject packets into any network and travel them independently to the destination.
a. Physical
b. Host to network
c. Application
d. None of the above
Answer: (d).None of the above

69. If there are N people in the world and are using secret key encryption/decryption for privacy purpose, then number of secret keys required will be:
a. N
b. N-1
c. N*(N-1)/2
d. N*(N+1)/2
Answer: (c).N*(N-1)/2

70. Optical fiber uses reflection to guide light through a channel, in which angle of incedence is _______ the critical angle.
a. equal to
b. less than
c. greater than
d. less than or equal to
Answer: (c).greater than