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A terminal multiplexer has six 1200 bps' terminals and 'n' 300 bps terminals connected to it. If the outgoing line is 9600 bps, what is the value of n ?
Answer: (b).8
Which of the following is used in the options field of IPv4 ?
Answer: (c).time stamp
Answer: (a).Transport, Session, Presentation, Application
A network on the Internet has a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts it can handle ?
Answer: (c).4096
Four bits are used for packed sequence numbering in a sliding window protocol used in a computer network. What is the maximum window size ?
Answer: (c).15
A Multiplexer combines four 100-Kbps channels using a time slot of 2 bits. What is the bit rate ?
Answer: (c).400 Kbps
In a fully connected mesh network with 10 computers, total ______ number of cables are required and ____ number of ports are required for each device.
Answer: (c).45,9
In TCP/IP reference model, the job of ____ layer is to permit hosts to inject packets into any network and travel them independently to the destination.
Answer: (d).None of the above
If there are N people in the world and are using secret key encryption/decryption for privacy purpose, then number of secret keys required will be:
Answer: (c).N*(N-1)/2
Optical fiber uses reflection to guide light through a channel, in which angle of incedence is _______ the critical angle.
Answer: (c).greater than

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