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A node X on a 10 Mbps network is regulated by a token bucket. The token bucket is filled at a rate of 2 Mbps. Token bucket is initially filled with 16 megabits. The maximum duration taken by X to transmit at full rate of 10 Mbps is ............ secs.









Answer: (b).2
Answer: (a).Electromagnetic waves with frequencies from 300 GHz to 400 THz.
In a fast Ethernet cabling, 100 Base-TX uses ........... cable and maximum segment size is ............
Answer: (a).twisted pair, 100 metres
A network with bandwidth of 10 Mbps can pass only an average of 12,000 frames per minute with each frame carrying an average of 10,000 bits. What is the throughput of this network ?
Answer: (b).2 Mbps
Match the following:

List – I                           List – II
a. Session layer           i. Virtual terminal software
b. Application layer     ii. Semantics of the information transmitted
c. Presentation layer   iii. Flow control
d. Transport layer         iv. Manage dialogue control

Codes :
      a   b   c   d
Answer: (a).iv   i    ii   iii
Which of the following protocols is used by email server to maintain a central repository that can be accessed from any machine?
Answer: (b).IMAP
An attacker sits between the sender and receiver and captures the information and retransmits to the receiver after some time without altering the information. This attack is called as ..............
Answer: (a).Denial of service attack
Suppose transmission rate of a channel is 32 kbps. If there are ‘8’ routes from source to destination and each packet p contains 8000 bits. Total end to end delay in sending packet P is ................
Answer: (a).2 sec
Consider the following statements :

a. High speed Ethernet works on optic fiber.
b. A point to point protocol over Ethernet is a network protocol for encapsulating PPP frames inside Ethernet frames.
c. High speed Ethernet does not work on optic fiber.
d. A point to point protocol over Ethernet is a network protocol for encapsulating Ethernet frames inside PPP frames.

Which of the following is correct ?
Answer: (a).a and b are true; c and d are false
In CRC checksum method, assume that given frame for transmission is 1101011011 and the generator polynomial is G(x) = x^4 + x + 1.

After implementing CRC encoder, the encoded word sent from sender side is .............
Answer: (a).11010110111110

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