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In a classful addressing, first four bits in Class A IP address is
Answer: (a).1010
Consider the following S1 and S2 :

S1 : A hard handover is one in which the channel in the source cell is retained and used for a while in parallel with the channel in the target cell.

S2 : A soft handover is one in which the channel in the source cell is retained and only then the channel in the target cell is engaged.
Answer: (d).Both S1 and S2 are not true
How many distinct stages are there in DES algorithm, which is parameterized by a 56-bit key?
Answer: (a).16
Which of the following algorithms is not a broadcast routing algorithm?
Answer: (c).Reverse path forwarding
The period of a signal is 10 ms. What is its frequency in Hertz?
Answer: (b).100
For n devices in a network, ____ , number of duplex-mode links are required, for a mesh topology.
Answer: (c).n(n + 1) /2
How many characters per second (7 bits + 1 parity) can be transmitted over a 3200 bps line if the transfer is asynchronous? (Assuming 1 start bit and 1 stop bit)
Answer: (b).320
Which of the following is not a field in TCP header ?
Answer: (b).Fragment offSet
What is the propagation time if the distance between the two points is 48,900 ? Assume the propagation speed to be 2.4 x 108 meter/second in cable.
Answer: (d).200 ms
_________________ is a bit-oriented protocol for communication over point-to-point and multi-point links . 
Answer: (a).Stop-and-wait
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