91. For some sparse graph an adjacency list is more space efficient against an adjacency matrix.
a. True
b. False
c. May be
d. Can't say
Answer: (a).True

92. Time complexity to find if there is an edge between 2 particular vertices is _________
a. O(V)
b. O(E)
c. O(1)
d. O(V+E)
Answer: (a).O(V)

93. For the given conditions, which of the following is in the correct order of increasing space requirement?
i) Undirected, no weight

ii) Directed, no weight

iii) Directed, weighted

iv) Undirected, weighted
a. ii iii i iv
b. i iii ii iv
c. iv iii i ii
d. i ii iii iv
Answer: (a).ii iii i iv

94. Space complexity for an adjacency list of an undirected graph having large values of V (vertices) and E (edges) is __________
a. O(V)
b. O(E*E)
c. O(E)
d. O(E+V)
Answer: (c).O(E)

95. Complete the given snippet of code for the adjacency list representation of a weighted directed graph.
class neighbor
  int vertex, weight;
  ____ next;
 class vertex
  string name;
  _____ adjlist;
 vertex adjlists[101];
a. vertex, vertex
b. neighbor, vertex
c. neighbor, neighbor
d. vertex, neighbor
Answer: (c).neighbor, neighbor

96. In which case adjacency list is preferred in front of an adjacency matrix?
a. Dense graph
b. Sparse graph
c. Adjacency list is always preferred
d. None of the mentioned
Answer: (b).Sparse graph

97. To create an adjacency list C++’s map container can be used.
a. True
b. False
c. May be
d. Can't say
Answer: (a).True

98. What would be the time complexity of the following function which adds an edge between two vertices i and j, with some weight ‘weigh’ to the graph having V vertices?
vector<int> adjacent[15] ;
vector<int> weight[15]; 
void addEdge(int i,int j,int weigh) 
a. O(1)
b. O(V)
c. O(V*V)
d. O(log V)
Answer: (a).O(1)

99. Given a plane graph, G having 2 connected component, having 6 vertices, 7 edges and 4 regions. What will be the number of connected components?
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
Answer: (b).2

100. Number of vertices with odd degrees in a graph having a eulerian walk is ________
a. 0
b. Can’t be predicted
c. 2
d. either 0 or 2
Answer: (d).either 0 or 2