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Function points can be calculated by
Answer: (a).UFP * CAF
Match the following

a. data  coupling i. module A and module B have shared  data

b. stamp coupling ii. dependency between modules is based on the fact they communicate by only
passing of data

c. common coupling iii. when complete structure is passed from one module to another

d. content  coupling iv. when the control is passed from one module to the middle of another

a b c d
Answer: (b).ii  iii  i  iv
A process which defines a series of tasks that have the following four primary objectives is known as
1. to identify all items that collectively define the software configuration.
2. to manage changes to one or more of these items.
3. to facilitate the construction of different versions of an application.
4. to ensure that software quality IS maintained as the configuration evolves over time
Answer: (b).Software Configuration  Management Process
Answer: (b).they do not explore combinations of input circumstances
Answer: (d).If an organization does not understand how to control software projects internally, it will invariably struggle when it outsources software projects
Match the following with respect to relationship between objects and classes :
a.       state  diagram i.  useful for both abstract modeling and for designing actual programme

b.      object diagram ii. describes object classes

c.       class  diagram iii. useful for documenting test cases

d.      instance diagram iv. describing the behavior of a single class of objects

a b c d
Answer: (c).iii iv ii i
Match the following style rules for re-usability

a. Keep methods coherent i. Write a method to get the last element of a list

b. Keep methods small ii. Maintain structure possible parallel when

c. Keep methods consistent iii. Breaking a method into smaller parts

d. Provide uniform coverage iv performs a single function or a group of closely related functions.

a b c d
Answer: (a).iv iii ii i
The software _______ of a program or a computing system is the structure or structures of the system, which comprise software components, the externally visible properties of those components, and the relationships among them.
Answer: (b).Architecture
Requirement Development, Organizational Process Focus, Organizational Training, Risk Management and Integrated Supplier Management are process areas required to achieve maturity level
Answer: (c).Defined
Which one of the following set of attributes should not be encompassed by effective software metrics?
Answer: (d).Programming language dependent
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