41. Since a doubly-linked list allows traversing in both the forward and backward directions, it is also referred to as a___________.
a. Multi-way list
b. One-way list
c. Two-way list
d. None of the above
Answer: (c).Two-way list

42. Direct or random access of elements is not possible in ...............
a. Linked list
b. Array
c. String
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Linked list

43. To implement Sparse matrix dynamically, the following data structure is used
a. Trees
b. Graphs
c. Priority Queues
d. Linked List
Answer: (d).Linked List

44. Applications of Linked List are
a. Simulation, event driven systems
b. Postfix and prefix manipulations
c. Dictionary systems, polynomial manipulations
d. Fixed block storage allocation, garbage collection
Answer: (d).Fixed block storage allocation, garbage collection

45. What are the time complexities of finding 8th element from beginning and 8th element from end in a singly linked list? Let n be the number of nodes in linked list, you may assume that n>8.
a. O(n) and O(n)
b. O(1) and O(1)
c. O(n) and O(1)
d. O(1) and O(n)
Answer: (d).O(1) and O(n)

46. Overflow condition in linked list may occur when attempting to .............
a. Create a node when free space pool is empty
b. Traverse the nodes when free space pool is empty
c. Create a node when linked list is empty
d. None of these
Answer: (a).Create a node when free space pool is empty

47. Linked lists are not suitable data structures for which one of the following problems?
a. Insertion sort
b. Binary search
c. Radix sort
d. Polynomial manipulation
Answer: (b).Binary search

48. Generally collection of Nodes is called as __________.
a. Stack
b. Linked List
c. Heap
d. Pointer
Answer: (b).Linked List

49. A linear collection of data element given by mean of pointer is called ______________.
a. Linked List
b. Queue
c. Stack
d. Graph
Answer: (a).Linked List

50. Which of the following is not a type of Linked List ?
a. Doubly Linked List
b. Singly Linked List
c. Circular Linked List
d. Hybrid Linked List
Answer: (d).Hybrid Linked List

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