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Answer: (d).The packet source cannot set the route of an outgoing packets; the route is determined only by the routing tables in the routers on the way
Answer: (a).Forward it the the router whose entry matches with the longest prefix of incoming packet
Which one of the following fields of an IP header is NOT modified by a typical IP router?
Answer: (b).Source address
In the network, the fourth octet (in decimal) of the last IP address of the network which can be assigned to a host is ________.
Answer: (a).158
If a Company require 60 hosts then What is the best possible subnet mask?
Answer: (b).
In class C , if subnet mask is, then calculates number of subnet?
Answer: (a).6
A subnet has been assigned a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts that can belong to this subnet?
Answer: (c).62
A host is connected to a Department network which is part of a University network. The University network, in turn, is part of the Internet. The largest network in which the Ethernet address of the host is unique is:
Answer: (d).the Internet
In TCP, a unique sequence number is assigned to each
Answer: (a).byte
Which of the following objects can be used in expressions and scriplets in JSP (Java Server Pages) without explicitly declaring them?
Answer: (d).session, request and response
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