31. A structure for a design solution is described by
a. Classes
b. Design patterns
c. Parameters
d. Design members
Answer: (b).Design patterns

32. Generalization of important design concepts for a recurring problem is done through a
a. Design Pattern
b. Members
c. Design component
d. Software component
Answer: (a).Design Pattern

33. To deal with relationship between a collection of actions and a hierarchy of object types, approaches are of
a. 2 types
b. 3 types
c. 4 types
d. 5 types
Answer: (a).2 types

34. Techniques that are used to combine various software components are referred to as
a. Design members
b. Design Patterns
c. Physical design member
d. Logical design member
Answer: (b).Design Patterns

35. Identical nodes of a PR quadtree can be implemented by flyweight for
a. Efficient execution
b. Efficient implementation
c. Efficient memory
d. Efficient compile time
Answer: (c).Efficient memory

36. Implementation of identical nodes of a PR quadtree can be done through pattern
a. Flyweights
b. Composite
c. Compound
d. Visitor
Answer: (a).Flyweights

37. For implementation of PR quadtree data structure, design pattern to use is
a. Visitor
b. Flyweights
c. Composite
d. Compound
Answer: (b).Flyweights

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