What are the following sequence of steps taken in designing a fuzzy logic machine ?


Fuzzification → Rule evaluation → Defuzzification


Fuzzification → Defuzzification → Rule evaluation


Rule evaluation → Fuzzification → Defuzzification


Rule evaluation → Defuzzification → Fuzzification

Answer: (a).Fuzzification → Rule evaluation → Defuzzification

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Q. What are the following sequence of steps taken in designing a fuzzy logic machine ?
Shraddha : June 26, 2023

1. Define the problem or task the fuzzy logic machine will address.
2. Identify input and output variables relevant to the problem.
3. Define membership functions for each variable to represent degrees of membership in fuzzy sets.
4. Construct a rule base mapping input combinations to output actions using linguistic rules.
5. Apply fuzzy inference methods (e.g., Mamdani or Sugeno) to interpret fuzzy rules and compute output fuzzy sets.
6. Convert fuzzy output sets into crisp values using defuzzification methods to obtain specific outputs.
7. Integrate the fuzzy logic system into the overall system architecture, including necessary hardware or software components.
8. Test the fuzzy logic machine using appropriate datasets or simulations to ensure it performs as expected.
9. Optimize the system parameters and membership functions based on feedback and performance evaluation.
10. Deploy the fuzzy logic machine in its operational environment and maintain it regularly for continued optimal