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Que. The first AI programming language was called:
c. IPL
Anonymous :(October 01, 2020) What is ipl
LISP is correct answer
what IPL stands for?
Information processing language
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Sonu :(October 08, 2020) Above ANS is wrong
The first AI programming language was
why can you expalane?
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KUPWARA BCA STUDENT 2017 :(January 20, 2021) This answer is wrong correct ans is LISP
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Khana loda :(January 21, 2021) Lodaa mera
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Abhinav sharma :(July 29, 2021) LISP is a firs A.I programing language
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Arun Dhawan :(February 10, 2022) Correct ans is IPL. Allen Newell and J. Clifford Shaw developed the Information Processing Language (IPL), a computer language tailored for AI programming. In 1960 John McCarthy, a computer scientist combined elements of IPL with the lambda calculus to produce the programming language LISP (List Processor), which remains the principal language for AI work.
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Farman :(December 29, 2022) LISP was the first AI language.....I think IPL is the wrong one
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