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Que. Consider the input/output (I/O) requests made at different instants of time directed at a hypothetical disk having 200 tracks as given in the following table.

Assume that:
Current head position is at track no. 65
Direction of last movement is towards higher numbered tracks
Current clock time is 160 milliseconds
Head movement time per track is 1 millisecond.

“look” is a variant of “SCAN” disk-arm scheduling algorithm. In this algorithm, if no more I/O requests are left in current direction, the disk head reverses its direction. The seek times in Shortest Seek First (SSF) and “look” disk-arm scheduling algorithms respectively are:
a. 144 and 123 milliseconds
b. 143 and 123 milliseconds
c. 149 and 124 milliseconds
d. 256 and 186 milliseconds
Answer:143 and 123 milliseconds
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