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C program to create a File and store information

Problem Description

This C Program creates a file & store some information in it. We frequently use files for storing information which can be processed by our programs. In order to store information permanently and retrieve it we need to use files and this program demonstrate file creation and writing data in it.

C program to create a File and store information - Source code
 C program to create a file and store information

#include <stdio.h>

void main()
    FILE *fptr;
    char name[20];
    int age;
    float salary;

    /*  open for writing */
    fptr = fopen("emp.rec", "w");

    if (fptr == NULL)
        printf("File does not exists \n");
    printf("Enter the person name \n");
    scanf("%s", name);
    fprintf(fptr, "Name    = %s\n", name);
    printf("Enter the age\n");
    scanf("%d", &age);
    fprintf(fptr, "Age     = %d\n", age);
    printf("Enter the salary\n");
    scanf("%f", &salary);
    fprintf(fptr, "Salary  = %.2f\n", salary);


Program Output

Enter the person name
Enter the age
Enter the salary